OEM Companies Vehicle Tracking System

Winning the trust of OEM Companies

OEM Companies will get double benefit when they get the support of Fleet Management Software along with our EFTS. The clients of OEM companies can access reports on real-time location, fuel efficiency & many other things right at their desktop or on a smartphone android phone.

Pocket the Profit.

With E-Fast Track

OEM industry prefers to bank with EFTS!

E-Fast Track Solutions Technologies and its extensive bespoke solution-oriented team offer the reliability and capability to customized EFTSrequired by OEM manufacturers as well as other contracts.


Benefits for OEM Companies

The company has been contemplating to offer EFTS to Nepal’s leading vehicle manufacturers who will be bringing out their vehicle in the market with EFTS as the originally installed GPS Tracking system device in all their vehicles. Our in house team of hardware and software developers offer.

  • Value and cost-effectiveness for bespoke fabrications and economies of scale for batch type manufacturing and even contract type manufacturing for OEM customers.
  • Close links with our clients throughout the early build stages and during initial discussions so that the product is manufactured according to the client’s requirements.
  • Astringent quality control methodology.
  • Quality designs and solutions.
OEM Companies Vehicle Tracking System
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