Efasttrack has specialization in Industry specific solution and has developed pre-configured ready to run solutions to cater to specific industry domains. This leverage the deep knowledge & experience of our experts and are best practices based.

Bank Cash Vans

Securing the nation’s wealth in Bank Cash Vans

Refrigerated Trucks

Nourishing the food value in Refrigerated Trucks

Container Tracking

Container Tracking System

Construction Vehicles

Foundation of Efficiency for Construction Vehicles

OEM Companies

Winning the trust of OEM Companies

Oil Tankers Tracking

No more worry of theft in Oil Tankers

Hospital Ambulances

Tracking the lifeline for Hospital Ambulances

School Transporation

Big protection for little ones in School Transportation

Waste Management

Monitoring the work done for Waste Management

Fleet and Logistics

Monitoring the work done for Waste Management

EFTS for Government

Efasttrack GPS Fleet Management System helps to protect government property like Public transport vehicles, Law enforcement vehicles, City buses, Fire trucks, Ambulances and many more. Get peace of mind with 24×7 location tracking and activities of your employees & vehicles when they are on an operation. Our live anti theft calling protection is equipped to protect your assets. You can also receive automated maintenance and service alerts which helps to prolong the service life of your vehicles.

EFTS for Businesses

Business have to make sure that they get the most productivity and profit out of their investment. Efasttrack GPS Tracking for Business fleets can put you in control of your employees and vehicles. With BlackBox GPS they can make better decisions to boost productivity and cut costs as our GPS Tracking system uses Real time tracking technology to provide real time information. Small businesses often face difficulties in managing their vehicles and employees, especially when those employees perform work away from the office. Delivery drivers,Construction workers, Logistics and installation specialists can cause unnecessary expenses when they don’t follow the rules.

EFTS for Individuals

Efasttrack provides the ability to any person or individual to track and locate their vehicle or asset real time. An installed Efasttrack Vehicle Tracker provides confidence you can find and monitor your vehicle at anytime from anywhere using your desktop or smartphone. If your vehicle should ever get stolen – you will receive a call from the software.

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