Fashion Tracking Device

Lamp effect description:<br /> Power: Card blue light indicates power on, GPS signals after lights out<br /> Charge: charging indicator light flashing red light goes out after full<br /> Positioning mode: GPS satellite positioning + LBS + AGPS assisted positioning base station location<br /> Positioning accuracy: GPS positioning 5-15 m<br /> Base station location: 100-1000 m

1.Real-time tracking
2.Historical Track
3.Electronic fence
4.Set (multiple operating modes: safe mode, power saving mode, Super long standby)
5.Device message
6.Multi platform monitoring: support for Android, for Apple&#39;s mobile phone system, and network client computers
7.Built-in magnetic, free installation and easy to use
8.Alarm to remind
Usage method
Before use, please check the equipment model is correct, the accessories are complete.
In the shutdown state in accordance with the installation method to support the SIM network GSM card
Charge: insert the USB charging line, the link to the output of the standard mobile phone 5V-1A
The charger from power to the full charging time is about 5 hours
Insert the card represent start, remove represent off
Material:magnet and plastic
Product size:7.8*4.5*2.3cm
Package size:15.1*9*5.2cm
GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
GPS accuracy: 5m
Battery life: -20 degrees -40 degrees, life 7 years

Fashion Tracking Device
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