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Fleet Management System
Rs 15000

The fuel sensor is composed of ultrasonic detector, signal control box, signal extension wire, user interface wire, double-sided sticky tape, ultrasonic couplant, abrasive paper and two cable ties. It can work with EFTS GV series to provide fuel level monitoring and fuel lost alarm.

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  • {Being different from direct-contact measurement like float-type,pressure-type,magnetic sliding-type, untrasonic fuel level sensor adopts non-contact measurement, which can avoid pollution and corrosion from fuel and keep stability in a long period of time.}

You only need to install the sensor probe on lower surface of fuel tank. You don’t need to change its original measurement system or punch hole for it. Its original fuel meter operates as usual.

Operating voltage : 9-36VDC Measurement range : 5cm-100cm Level accuracy : ±0.5% IP Rating: IP66 (detector) Output interface: Analog Output: Output voltage range: 0-5.0V RS232 interface : Baud rate 19,200 Suitable for use with GV200 and GV300

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