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gps tracking gps tracking
EFTS 05 PLUS Tracker
Rs 10500

EFTS Plus is a compact GPS Tracker for vehicles, it is small in size and with internal GPS/GSM antenna. It is designed for motorcycles, cars, vehicles and scooters, the device itself supports 9-100 volts, and it has one digital output for power off relay connecting and one digital input for ignition detect.

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  • {◆ Wide range voltage input range: DC 9-100V ◆ Supports GPS/LBS /AGPS positioning ◆ Ignition detecting ◆ Real-time GPS tracking, History playback, Blind data storage, Cornering compensation}

◆ Remote power and fuel control ( Relay required) ◆ Built in G-sensor ◆ Driving behavior ◆ Dual IP supported (Main server and backup server)

OTA for easier maintenance

E-fast track solution

GPS tracking in Nepal