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Bank Cash Vans

How EFTS advanced features add to profitability and control

All reports right on your desktop or on your smartphone so that the bank authorities are aware of the real-time location of their bank cash van. They need not worry about the safety of the financial assets as the E-Fast TRack Solutions  is enabled with the Bank Cash Vans Tracking System feature as well.

Safe Transfer of Bank Cash.


Customized EFTS GPS Safeguard Bank Cash Vans

Banking is one of those industries which are grossly concerned about the location and tracking of their Cash Vans having a Bank Cash Vans Tracking System in these vehicles is a huge relief for the team responsible for the safe delivery of cash and other valuables from one bank branch to another.

Bespoke EFTS GPS ensures safety of Bank Cash Vans

Owing to the frequent transfer of cash and other valuables in their Cash Vans, it becomes important for them to constantly monitor their vehicle and get updated records on its location and distance travelled. When EFTS GPS is installed in your Bank Cash Vans, you can be sure about…

  • Safety of the financial assets of the Banks.
  • The exact location of Bank Cash Van.
  • That your drivers are taking the most efficient routes.
  • Drivers getting instruction about routes and avoiding traffic when possible.
  • Reporting on all Pit Stops taken by Drivers for personal errands.

E-fast track solution

GPS tracking in Nepal