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Fleet and Logistics

How EFTS advanced features add to profitability and control

Fleet companies can now get a clear idea about the efficiency and working hours of each vehicle in their Fleet right at your desktop or on your smartphone. GPS Fleet Tracking System generates a customized report on the performance of each vehicle in terms of fuel efficiency, distance traveled, time is taken, speed maintained, and other information about the vehicle management.

Ease in Operations. Peace of Mind.


Increased efficiency & profitability for Fleet Business

The need for the Fleet & Logistic industry for a comprehensive and customized GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions made by E E-Fast Track Solutions  innovates in developing EFTS with special features. The customized BlackBox offered Fleet & Logistic companies solutions that will reduce their fuel consumption, fuel theft, and false overtime quoted by the driver.

Customized Reports for Fleet & Logistics Companies.

EFTS is designed especially to meet the fleet owners’ needs and work on enhancing the operating efficiency of their fleets. EFTS has helped the leading Fleet companies of  Nepal…

  •  To deliver their shipments on time and keep the costing under budget.
  •  To ensure tight management of the delivery process with updated records supplemented by EFTS.
  •  To improve their efficiency, working time of vehicle, and control over delivery.

E-fast track solution

GPS tracking in Nepal