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Fuel Monitoring System And Control

E-Fast Track Solutions has ensured accurate Fuel Monitoring System for Trucks feature in their EFTSso that the fleet or vehicle owners come to know precisely how much fuel is consumed and get updated logs and reports regarding the Fuel Monitoring System. Fuel Monitoring System for Trucks feature becomes exponentially useful for all those who have multiple vehicles and desire to know the fuel efficiency of each vehicle or different journeys. Combining Fuel Monitoring System for Trucks with Fleet Management Software developed by the same company can give Fleet Industry an upper hand as they can ensure complete fuel accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft.
It’s not just the fleet and logistic companies that are interested in knowing the fuel efficiency of their vehicles; each type of business where Fueling is a big overhead is conscious about cutting down their cost in this area. Moreover, every company having more than one vehicle has been worried about Fuel Theft.

Monitoring System Dumper and tipper

This feature allows EFTS to sense, monitor, and report about the evaluation of structure motion, with reports sent to the client via our advanced GPS System.
Working in sync with the Construction industry, EFTSGPS Technologies realized that the industry is facing a lot of problems because of the lack of any support or information system that could help them know about the sensitive thresholds for movement on and around the site. Thus, the company started working on customizing their EFTS with Dumper Tilt Monitoring System that offers a monitoring solution in such circumstances. The E Fast Track Solutions  has been specifically designed for the construction industry to sensitively report and control all precise motion detection. So in a way, the construction company owner will get regular updates about all movements.
The Dumper Tilt Monitoring Feature of BlackBox is very useful for measuring the vertical or horizontal rotations of structures on construction projects involving deep excavation.

Refrigerated Truck Temperature Monitoring

This feature allows having accurate refrigerated truck temperature monitoring so that the food ingredients stored in the truck stay bacteria-free and reach the destination fresh and healthy. Instead of incurring heavy losses through wasted food, it is better to install EFTS which will not just monitor but raise an alarm as well the moment truck’s temperature crosses set limits. Thus, it helps to reduce spoilage, maintain food safety standards for compliance with local health departments, and protects the interests of Food transportation companies against costly failures.
The refrigerator trucks carrying food, food products, and medicines cannot afford to let the temperature of the truck rise above a specific limits owing to the perishable nature of food. Realizing the responsibility of Fleets transporting Food freight in refrigerated trucks, E-Fast Track Solutions Technologies innovated temperature monitoring feature in their GPS tracking flagship device, E-Fast Track Solutions 

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