E-Fast Track Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of successful company in the field of GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions in Nepal. Having expert IT professional doing fantastic job here to make it to another level. So many generations were not aware of tracking the vehicle though so many benefits can be taken, with lack of education about GPS and we perfectly planned and introduced the GPS tracking system in Nepal which has a highly sophisticated, most reliable and stable practical solution in the market today. EFTS gives the real time tracking and monitoring by the help of GPRS communication.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

E-Fast Track Solutions is one of the best service provider company nowadays in Nepal. We have provided best quality device and software all over the Nepal. We provide quick service as per client request. We have been serviced foul sensor, marketing system, real time vehicle tracking system, stop vehicle, boundary and fencing alerts using trans fencing, daily distance, over speed and rash driving alerts, Multi-level user management, reports, maintenance manager, profit & loss analysis, driver manager, tyre manage, trip manager etc. it gives benefits to all the owner who have used vehicles in their company. We are glad to provide our services in Nepal.

We enable companies to save costs, time and increase their customer satisfaction by globally providing integrated transport telematics solutions and services, including tracking, fleet management software, insurance telematics

Growth and Excellence in Transport Telematics.

Brand Legacy

New Website launched

New Version of website www.e-fasttracksolutions.com launched

Strong Magnet GPS Tracker launched

Vehicle Daily Trip Monitoring System Launched

National Reached Increased from 13 Cities to 75 Cities in Nepal

ISO Version Coming soon

Updation of Website www.efasttracksolutions.com

Android Version of EFTS Tracker App Launched

Fuel Monitoring System Launched

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